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    Online First Publication

    These are newly published articles within a journal but not yet assigned to an issue. The Online First service lets users access peer reviewed articles well before print publication. These articles are searchable and citable by their DOI (Digital Object Identifier). With Online First publication the time it takes for critical discoveries to reach the research community is significantly reduced.


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    A Novel Approach to Integrated Science Teaching and Learning in a Selected Ghanaian Junior High School
    Download: EUERV3 3 6 KLUTSE
    Download: 25, size: 0, date: 03.Nov.2020
  3. 3
    Is Personality Related to Risks Associated with Smartphones?
    Download: EUER20 10 09 YAVICH
    Download: 23, size: 0, date: 11.Nov.2020
  4. 4
    School Principals’ Levels of Administrative Competences based on the Perceptions of Principals and Teachers
    Download: EUER10 11 20 MENTESE
    Download: 13, size: 0, date: 24.Dec.2020
  5. 5
    The Role of the Capstone Project in Engineering Education in the Age of Industry 4.0 -A Case Study
    Download: EUER27 10 20 SHURIN
    Download: 10, size: 0, date: 01.Jan.2021
  6. 6
    Children’s Interactions in Ability-based Groups in a Primary Classroom
    Download: EUER 11 12 20 AMBREEN
    Download: 10, size: 0, date: 26.Jan.2021
  7. 7
    The Effect of Research-Inquiry Based Activities on the Academic Achievement, Attitudes, and Scientific Process Skills of Students in the Seventh Year Science Course
    Download: EUER 25 09 20 TEKIN
    Download: 12, size: 0, date: 10.Feb.2021
  8. 8
    Investigationof the Turkish Cultural Adaptation of International Students Living in Turkey
    Download: EUER 25 12 20 EYNULLAYEVA
    Download: 3, size: 0, date: 22.Feb.2021
  9. 9
    The Academic Dropout Wheel Analyzing the Antecedents of Higher Education Dropout in Education Studies
    Download: EUER15 12 20 NAAMAN
    Download: 1, size: 0, date: 02.Mar.2021